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These Custom Des Moines Flower Arrangement Orders Require Advance Notice and Are Not Same Day Delivery. Custom Des Moines Flower Designs are non refundable and must be canceled 24 hours prior to delivery!

Custom Des Moines flower designs are truly our specialty. From classy elegance to modernistic style. All Des Moines floral arrangements provide a personal touch with an enthusiastic approach for our clients in Des Moines. The Wild Orchid Des Moines prides itself on using highest quality products to create everyday masterpieces with the use of premium and exotic flowers in Des Moines, such as; orchids, calla lilies, tulips, ranunculus, anemones, tropicals, peonies, hydrangea, spray roses, oriental lilies and moreā€¦.

While we specialize in superior quality Des Moines floral design, please let us know if there is any specialty gift you want to add to your Des Moines flower shop order. From bottles of wine, chocolates, or champagne to baby gifts, cupcakes, and candles, we can create a unique gift for any custom design our Des Moines Flower Shop works for you.

Yes, Des Moines flowers are usually the main focus of any fresh arrangement but leafage can be just as important.  We use different leaves in our pieces everyday and let me just say, sometimes they steal the show.  From lining containers to adding height and texture, greens offer so much variety.  Dusty miller, lamb’s ear, and eucalyptus have a silvery gray texture that is a “hip” color this year. It adds a cool and sophisticated elegance.  We always have tea leaves and monstera leaves on hand and use them whenever we can.  They can make an arrangement look tropical, lush, chic and modern.


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